RentalsForCleaning.Ca We are the “Local Janitorial Group”. A cleaning company in the Haldimand  Norfolk Area. If you have your own cleaners, we can rent the equipment to you.

The JS1600C Power Steamer is a super-heated (170 C ) dry steam cleaning, bacteria killing machine. It vaporizes all types of surfaces and equipment. The Power Steamer dissolves and emulsifies grease, mould, and dirt build-up, it will leave the area completely clean and sanitized. You can ease the minds of customers and yours, when using our  JS1600C Power Steamer, for sanitizing without using any Chemicals.

JS1600C Power Steamer is a complete and safe sanitizing solution throughout the facility. It is the best equipment on the market, for sanitizing upholstery hotel beds, ambulances, wheelchairs, patient areas, and  the complete kitchen,and tools perfect for bathrooms and showers.You can also effectively "steam mop" and 33' hose. A cart is available.

0.3 gal.

1 gal.

1 gal.

1500 W

338° F


120 V

115 psi

12 lbs

Boiler Size

Boiler Capacity

Water Reservoir

Heating Power

Steam Temperature

Power Cord

Power   1500 W

Steam Pressure


JS1600C Power Steamer – Many cleaning options Call - Text 289 680 9293
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The Basic rental fee is $60 for the first day.  Ask us for our best quote for your rental. A website From Creative Web-Design