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  Health / Elderly Care

• Disinfects bathrooms, handles, equipment

• Deodorize upholstery, beds. Drapes

• Deep cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings

  Commercial Kitchens

• Disinfect food prep areas

• Degrease oily cook tops and canopies

• Deep clean fridges, floors and furniture


The JS1600C Power Steamer is ideal for: How to Clean Fridges

For heavily soiled greasy ovens it is best to use Steam,  with the nylon brush' and a cloth/paper towel. Start inside the oven from the ceiling steaming in small areas to melt the grease and then wipe away with the cloth. Repeat this process from top to bottom until the oven is cleaned. The same tool and process can also be used on the oven door. For very stubborn baked on grime try a stiffer brass brush or steel wool can be used providing it does not scratch the surface.

heavily soiled greasy ovens

     Other Industries

      For many Cleaning Jobs

     • Compact and portable

     • Cuts cleaning times in half

     • Reduce water and chemicals

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